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City Group

无 限•未 来



    M?bius Band is a surface with only one side and only one boundary component,but it means infinity.

    Just as: Tao gives birth to unity, unity gives birth to duality,duality gives birth to trinity, and trinity gives birth to all things.It presents an endless space.

    聚 Gathering
    With an open and comprehensive platform, it sure will gather talents with same ambition through all over the world.

    莫比斯環 M?bius band




    In 1858, German mathematicians August Ferdinand Mobius and Johann Benedict Listing discovered that, 

    by taking a paper strip and giving it a half-twist, and then joining the ends of the strip together to from a loop. 

    It then reveals curious properties. Different from the common paper loop, 

    M?bius Band presents the space that never ends. It has only one boundary,

    its inner ring ends with outer ring, while the outer becomes the inner again.

    It seems like two different surfaces, but it joins and becomes variables.  

    城.    釋 City Paraphrase




    “City” contains multiple and comprehensive meanings in its original idea, 

    and also the co-existence and uncertainty. 

    “Group” embodies the equality, co-prosperity, and constant metabolism and innovation.

    Consistent with CityGroup's “Equality, Dedication, Innovation”, 

    it furthers the value through the concept of M?bius Band, 

    with a simple form to enclose a half open space for an information conveying platform.

    核    心 Core

    It implies the future of CityGroup : the Partnership.
    Partnership is just as M?bius Band, interacting with each other with no end; 

    it is Win-win relationship, with infinite creativity.

    空    間 Space

    By the concept of M?bius Band, it has the elements redesign and regroup. 
    With interacting, joining, alternating, and enclosing,

    it reveals the significance of the design.

    體    驗 Experience


    For this gallery, it is to convey message, by simplifying space form, 

    emphasizing information itself through visual and other multi-media approaches. 

    With surprising details, it offers visitors a journey to discover the space and its sensational experience.

    Through multi-media and pamphlets, in such a space of comfortable scale,

    it allows visitors to receive information in the most direct way from the gallery.

    It shows the pass and future of CityGroup, and its design of global level. 

    劇 Play-Writing

    Being together for a long time, it becomes a harmonious integrating, 

    and integrating is considered as a kind of beauty. 

    Gathering is an attitude of the mind-thinking, while play-writing is a performance from nothing to something …


跨界思維 專業職業

Desiging & Sharing

Crossing-over Thinking Expertise Profession

CITYGROUP 城市組設計有限公司
CityGroup Design Co.,LTD
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"城市组" 我们以名为题,将设计行为演绎成建筑、城市、人三者间相互关系的概念性阐述。"组" 取自英文 "Group" 重在强调团队感。"城市"的本意就包含多元和综合,包含共生以及不定性,"组" 亦体现着平等,共荣以及由此而生的持续代谢与创新。

GityGroup,it demonstrates design behavior through the concept relationship among,and human beings. "Group" is to emphasize the importance of team word. "City" contains multiple and comprehensive meanings in its original idea,and also the co-existence and uncertainty. "Group" embodies the,andconstant metabolism and innovation.