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“Yue • Evolution”:The indoor design of west tower

方案名為“越?進化” , “越”意為向上、增加的意思。設計師認為2010年廣州國際金融中心空間應展現廣州越來越進步發展的城市形象。方案設計以千年“越”文化奠基空間,同時以新的空間場所導演羊城文化旅程。而“進化”則體現了現代超高層建築在城市現代化進程中的標誌地位。設計師表示,城市發展與城市標誌建築的矗立,就是城市發展的進化。對於這麼宏偉的進化,設計師以微觀生命形式——細胞加以詮釋。細胞分裂展現一種極致的力量,其形態亦有著不可比擬的生命美感,自然而流暢。

The design takes “Yue ? Evolution” as the leitmotiv. Yue, it means going-upwards and increasing. It is believed that in 2010, IFC should present the city image of Guangzhou, a city that advances further and further. It sets “Yue” culture, two thousand years in history, as the foundation for the design to conduct a cultural trip of the Goat city —— Guangzhou, through the new space experience; while the “Evolution” suggests that super high-rise buildings in modern times, to some extent, are symbols of city modernization. The development of a city, and the standing of the super high-rise buildings, are the signs of the city’s evolution. This great evolution can be viewed and demonstrated in the microcosmic way of cell. It gives out an extreme kind of power in the cell cleavage, and it enjoys indescribable beauty of life from its forms, a beauty of nature.


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"城市组" 我们以名为题,将设计行为演绎成建筑、城市、人三者间相互关系的概念性阐述。"组" 取自英文 "Group" 重在强调团队感。"城市"的本意就包含多元和综合,包含共生以及不定性,"组" 亦体现着平等,共荣以及由此而生的持续代谢与创新。

GityGroup,it demonstrates design behavior through the concept relationship among,and human beings. "Group" is to emphasize the importance of team word. "City" contains multiple and comprehensive meanings in its original idea,and also the co-existence and uncertainty. "Group" embodies the,andconstant metabolism and innovation.