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City Group


跨界思維 專業職業

Desiging & Sharing

Crossing-over Thinking Expertise Profession

CITYGROUP 城市組設計有限公司
CityGroup Design Co.,LTD
TEL : + 86 20 38850324
FAX : + 86 20 38851971
E-mail :
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ADD : 中國廣州市天河北路橋林街63 號406
           Room 406, No.63, Qiaolin Street,
           North Tianhe Road, Guangzhou, China
           Postal code: 510620

"城市组" 我们以名为题,将设计行为演绎成建筑、城市、人三者间相互关系的概念性阐述。"组" 取自英文 "Group" 重在强调团队感。"城市"的本意就包含多元和综合,包含共生以及不定性,"组" 亦体现着平等,共荣以及由此而生的持续代谢与创新。

GityGroup,it demonstrates design behavior through the concept relationship among,and human beings. "Group" is to emphasize the importance of team word. "City" contains multiple and comprehensive meanings in its original idea,and also the co-existence and uncertainty. "Group" embodies the,andconstant metabolism and innovation.